New to the First Universalist Church of Yarmouth?

New places can often be a little overwhelming - especially ones where it seems like everyone knows each other and the norms and rituals of the community, while you're still trying to figure everything out!

We all remember what it was like to be new, though, so here is some helpful inside knowledge about First U to help make you feel like you've been coming here all your life:·

  • Coffee hour is the first, best, easiest way to get to know other people in the congregation. Right after the service ends, we make our way down to coffee hour where there is - you guessed it - hot coffee and tea, refreshments, and company. Our extra friendly folks will have on rainbow lanyards or be holding brightly colored coffee mugs - make sure to say hello, introduce yourself, and ask any questions you may have.
  • This building is a maze - but don't be intimidated! There's a bathroom right outside the sanctuary, downstairs next to our kitchen, and over by our church offices. Feeling lost? Just ask any friendly face for directions.
  • Sunday morning worship is only one small part of life at this church. There are many social events, dinners, and parties, social justice and volunteer opportunities, religious and spiritual education sessions for all ages, and chances to share your musical talents.
  • UUs care...a whole lot. It's tough to find a group of people who are more caring than the folks at First U. We’re dedicated to this community and the world at large. If you want to be engaged in something larger than yourself and work to better the world with a community of likeminded people, you're in the right place.
  • While our service and rituals may be traditional, you'll find that First U is unlike most churches you've been to. We are a diverse community who embrace and welcome people of every ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, and age. And you'll find among us many with varying ideas - we are Atheists, Christians, Pagans, Humanists, Buddhists, Jews, and Muslims. We hope you'll find your spiritual home here, too!