Pastoral Counseling

Our Minister is available to support individuals and families during times of significant change or spiritual crisis.

Some reasons to seek out pastoral counseling might be:
  • Hospitalization

  • Coping with illness

  • Loss and grief - whether from a death in the family, or a significant change – divorce, new job, moving – sometimes even good news leaves us with unanswered questions!

  • New baby in the family

  • Teenager moving out of the house and into young adulthood

  • Need an advocate in the schools or at the doctor’s office

  • Questions about human nature and the nature of what is holy – seeking new religious or spiritual understanding

  • Safe place to explore grief, guilt, pain, sheer joy, disappointment, overwhelming expectation, to plan a celebration or try out a new idea

Rev. Jennifer is experienced in helping congregants to navigate grief and loss, and to explore the furthering of their spiritual and religious selves, however, she is not a therapist. Expect that after two visits she will recommend either a class, a licensed therapist or psychologist, a small group, or some other way for you to get the full support that will help you and your family flourish. For pastoral care you may contact Rev. Jennifer.