Ways to Give: Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Time: Share of yourself.

It's the one thing we all have the same amount of, but it is how we choose to spend it that differentiates us. The time that each of us invests in UU life always pays back with interest.

You can spend your time deeply into the running of the church business, you can spend your time working on your own spiritual journey, or you can spend your time helping others to thrive and grow - all of these paths and more are available to those who wish to spend their time well. Member Services folks will happily help you navigate the opportunities. One great way to begin to meet others, participate in our community, and help is to volunteer at our various fundraisers.

Talent: Bring your skills.

Almost every aspect of the church is powered by volunteers who bring skills - large and small - to the fulfillment of our mission. From leading religious exploration classes and church services to shoveling snow and balancing the books - we welcome whatever skills you choose to offer. You may choose to join a committee, council, or group, participate during events, or lend your talents for a specific project.

Treasure: Lend your financial support.

Annual Campaign - Like most Unitarian Universalist churches, we are a self-funded church, so the money we have each year is the money we raise ourselves. While we have fundraisers during the church year and rent our space, pledges during our Annual Campaign are our primary funding source and are critical to supporting our church, mission, and programs.

We invite all members and friends who value our mission and programs to offer a financial commitment. You can learn more and make a pledge online: 2017 Annual Campaign. Jump in!

Planned Giving – We welcome planned giving commitments to our endowment or operating funds to ensure a vibrant and meaningful future for our church community. To find out more about the funds or how to contribute, contact the church office to be directed to the correct individual for a private discussion.

Here for Good - a campaign to sustain our future. Because we have this place, we can share with the world outside our walls … and be Here for Good. This campaign is underway, seeking to raise $250,000 primarily to revitalize our sanctuary, creating a pulpit and chancel that are flexible, accessible, beautiful, welcoming and safe. We are also attending to energy efficiencies and general accessibility improvements.

Here for Good Campaign Form

To view a detailed (and beautifully visual) Here for Good FACT SHEET, click HERE.