Faith In Action: Nurture your spirit - Help heal the world 

We strive to advance economic and environmental justice, working together as a community of faith.

The Faith In Action Counil organizes our comprehensive social justice program. This justice work is at the heart of how we identify as Unitarian Universalists and live out our faith in the world.

Get involved! There are ongoing opportunities to engage, ways for people of all ages and abilities to participate, and the option to join in one-time or frequently. Here are some of our current justice work initiatives:

What else can you do to become an everyday justice-maker and put your faith into action at First U?

Buy fair trade coffee and chocolate at coffee hour! Give to the ½ plate offering each week! Join the Council if you want to be an FIA decision maker working with your fellow congregants and Rev. Jennifer to change the world! Weed our environmentally friendly gardens! March in the Pride Parade! Chaperone the Jr. Youth on their next social justice outing - - So much to do and so many ways to participate – we look forward to standing on the side of love and justice, with you.