Justice Work : Homeless Outreach

The National Coalition for the Homeless has gathered information about the extent of homelessness in America, including that, at last count, there were 610,042 homeless individuals living in the United States. In light of that devastating figure, First Universalist has partnered with other nonprofit organizations to provide assistance to those who experience homelessness in our community.

Preble Street Resource Center's Soup Kitchen

Be part of the prep and serving team at Preble Street Resource Center’s soup kitchen where 1,100 meals are served per day to our homeless and low-income neighbors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered 365 days a year with the help of over 5,000 volunteers. First Universalist has a standing committment with a shift every First Tuesday Dinner, from 3:30 – 6:30 pm. If you would like to help feed our neighbors and feed your soul, you can find sign-up sheets in our Gathering Room, or contact Phyllis Chinlund at pchinlund@gmail.com to join in or receive more information about our homeless outreach efforts.

Compassionate Housing Initiative

Refugees and asylum seekers are frequently arriving in Maine to family shelters that are at-capacity and unable to offer space for these newest Mainers to sleep. Through the Compassionate Housing Initiative, members and friends host New Mainer families on a temporary basis while support contacts assist with providing food, transportation, entertainment, and childcare.