Resources for Parents & Adult Caregivers

Parents and adult caregivers are children's primary guides to the wonders and mysteries of life. At First Universalist, we strive to support that relationship and enhance conversations around the spiritual, beliefs, and how we make meaning of our world.

Answering The Big Questions First Sundays at 11:45am

Our Unitarian Universalist facilitated parenting discussion group is free, open to all, and runs concurrently with Children's Tea & Games. Bring your questions, your child's questions, and share in community the joys and struggles of parenting.

The RE Sun

The RE Sun is a monthly e-newsletter sent to parents/caregivers and those interested in our children and youth programs that provides information about what we're doing and upcoming events.

Ways to Support Your Child's Involvement in Children & Youth Programming

  • Encourage your child or youth to actively engage his or her peers, RE teachers or facilitators, and to practice direct communication.
  • Ask your child or youth to try things three times. If, at the end of three tries, some part of our programming is just not for her/him, let us know, we’d like the feedback, and we may have alternatives to offer.
  • Attend worship and programming regularly. Research indicates that children and youth who attend 3-4 times per month gain the most from their experiences and are most likely to continue their faith explorations into adulthood.
  • Read your copy of The RE Sun and discuss the themes, activities, games, stories, and service projects that your child or youth is currently involved in. If you'd like guidance on talking with your children about spirituality, faith, or concerns, contact the church office to make an appointment.
  • We staff our Children’s RE program with paid professionals under the guidance of our Minister. Our youth program also has a paid facilitator, and is a priority of our church. This leaves parents free to be in the pews and get their own spiritual needs met. In order to ensure this ministry for all, please make a financial pledge to the church each year during our Annual Pledge Campaign as you are able.
Resources for Parents and Caregivers
  • Weave a Tapestry of Faith - PDF archives from UU World magazine of topical and timely information for adults and fun activities and stories for the whole family.
  • First Universalist's library- Our library offers books for adults, youth, and children on UUism, spirituality, parenting, and many other topics. You can search our online databse or drop in to browse the shelves.
  • UUA Recommended Parenting Resources - The UUA offers books for purchase and links to relevant articles.
  • Taking It Home - PDFs of UUA developed booklets to support families and communities through life transitions and spiritual/ethical challenges.

To read a "Letter to Parents" in Rev. Jennifer's blog, click here.

Safe Congregation Policy

Our commitments, as Unitarian Universalists, to the inherent worth and dignity of every person and to justice and compassion, compel us to strive to create an environment that protects children and adults from harm and promotes their spiritual growth.

We, the members of The First Universalist Church of Yarmouth, are aware of the prevalence of sexual and physical abuse and harassment in our culture; it crosses gender, race and class lines. There are survivors of sexual and physical abuse in our church, and statistics indicate that others, including many of our children, are at risk.

Thus, our Safe Congregation Policy includes provisions for prevention education for children, youth, and adults, training, careful hiring, safety procedures, and forming a response team as needed. If you have concerns or questions, please speak with our Minister, staff, or Board of Trustees.