Adult Religious Education

The third and fourth principles in Unitarian Universalism emphasize a belief in lifelong learning and growth. As adults, we often find ourselves shifting in our beliefs and discovering more questions about the universe and our place in it. First Universalist encourages adults to join in discussions with others to explore and make meaning of world. For more information about any of the adult religious education opportunities, please contact us.

Adult Conversation Circles First Sundays at 9:30am

On Sundays at 9:30am, before worship begins, adults gather to gain greater knowledge about our worship themes. This is a facilitated, dynamic large and small group discussion opportunity, a chance to engage spiritual and social justice topics deeply, and to build friendships. There is no requirement to register to participate in Adult Conversation Circles.

Turning Point Second Sundays at 9:30am

Unitarian Universalism is at the forefront of developing a new model for spiritual communities, one that is active, justice-centered, inclusive, and expansive. In Turning Point, a facilitated discussion group, we welcome both newcomers exploring the basics of Unitarian Universalism as well as those who have been members for years. Throughout the year, we'll explore the current state of Unitarian Universalism, and delve into the future of our movement. This group primarily draws information and content from the collection of essays entitled Turning Point, edited by Fredric Muir.

Answering the Big Questions First Sundays at 11:45am

Parents and caregivers are invited to join our newest group that centers on talking to children about life's big questions. Answering the Big Questions, facilitated by our Program Assistant and featuring special guest experts, is a group that includes space for sharing the joys, difficulties, and triumphs of raising children and helping them to explore the mysteries, tragedies, and wonders of life. UU Games for children takes place concurrently, allowing for children to gather to play, share, and have a snack, while parents and caregivers the opportunity to connect and share.

Adult Religious Education Book Groups, weekly on Tuesday mornings
Groups that center their weekly conversations around deep reads are offered each year. These 1 ½ hour discussions are an opportunity for intellectual growth and challenge, a chance to be introduced to new spiritual practices or deepen your own, an opportunity to check in and create meaningful friendships, and an opportunity to influence our worship services through the books and authors that are explored.

Small Group Ministries

Small groups provide opportunities to share and connect with others and intertwine our personal joys and sorrows with our faith community. The education that takes place in small groups is often that of gaining empathy and understanding of others while navigating our own minds and hearts.

Educational Events & Discussions

First Universalist hosts ministers, lay speakers, nonprofit groups, and others who offer new ideas or reflect on past knowledge. You can look forward to hearing some of these ideas presented during worship, adult faith conversations, or special one-time events. To learn about all of our upcoming opportunities, please register for our e-newsletter, Channels. To suggest an event, topic, or speaker, please contact our church office.

Youth Group or Our Whole Lives Facilitation

Adults in our congregation who have worked with our youth have found that facilitating the spiritual growth and development of our Middle and High School students often advances their own education, challenges their beliefs, and is just plain fun. Read more about facilitating junior or senior youth groups or Our Whole Lives and then contact us to see if you might be a good fit for the program and to understand the responsibilites and opportunities of working with youth.