Worshipping : Small Group Ministry

Many adults who enjoy our worship services find that continuing the conversation in a small group setting deepens the experience, and creates lasting friendships. Small groups help to deepen our knowledge of others and ourselves through spiritual enrichment and sharing.

Small groups meet once or twice a month, typically at First Universalist or in members’ homes on a rotating basis. There are daytime and evening gatherings. Groups can range in size, but ideally consist of 6-10 regularly attending members. The range of subjects in small groups is vast and can include philosophical explorations into meaning, the nature of celebrations and holidays, social justice concerns, faith development, or any other topics that group members find relevant and spiritually enriching.

Other adult faith exploration groups, facilitated by our minister or lay leaders, are also available.


Small Group Opportunities

For questions or to join a small group, please contact Rev. Jennifer Emrich after September 5, 2017, when she has returned from her sabbatical.


We start a new small group ministry each church year for those who are to First Universalist, Unitarian Universalism, or experiencing small group ministries.

Ongoing Small Groups

Established small groups, full of people from diverse backgrounds with a variety of ages and spiritual practices, accept new members annually or semi-annually.

Youth Groups

Groups are also available for junior youth (middle school students) and senior youth (high school students).


Small Group Guidelines
To keep your existing small group ministry healthy and safe for all members we suggest the following:
  • Establish a covenant and strive to follow it. Covenants help to maintain a healthy group and a safe place for sharing.
  • Make use of new small group ministry curriculua. We have copies in the church office and the UUA often publishes new ones that are inspiring and engaging. Additionally, the UU Small Group Ministry Network provides session outlines if your group is interested in exploring a specific topic.
  • Continue to be open and welcoming. For established groups, it is important to continue to welcome new members annually or semi-annually.
  • Volunteer together. Living out your faith with your group members is rewarding and helps solidify group bonds. There are many options available, including becoming involved with any of our justice work initiatives, fundraisers, or other special projects. Contact us for more ideas or assistance in planning your volunteer project.
  • Ask for help. If a group member needs additional support, contact Rev. Jennifer or the church office.