Anne Turner

Anne has been actively involved in First U for about twenty years, which seems nearly impossible, as she tries not to feel that old! Anne has served on most of the boards, councils, and committees over the years and her first love is choir. Anne is also working with the Worship Council this year and is very interested in deepening the worship experience for all of us. She is a retired social worker and if she is not outside gardening or enjoying the beach, she’s generally knitting or reading. She has five grandchildren, all who live too far away, so if she isn’t at church, it usually means she has gotten on a plane to go see them.

Ben Tupper

Ben is interested in self-governed communities, like UU congregations, and the role that faith plays in civic engagement. Ben’s interest in the ministerial search is not limited to the joys found in committee work (wink wink), but also because he recognizes that we are each serving briefly as stewards for the next generation of congregants at First U. A lot of groundwork goes into helping to prepare congregants to make informed decisions like choosing the next minister and Ben is drawn to that work. Look for Ben walking/biking the streets of Yarmouth, gardening around the house, shooting hoops, or out sailing the bay.

Christy Hayashida

Christy moved to Yarmouth from Chicago three years ago with her husband, Charles Herman, and their two children, Clara (10) and Cormac (8). They began attending First Universalist almost immediately. Since becoming a member of the church, Christy has participated in the hiring of our RE teachers and has joined the RE Council. She also heads Yarmouth’s PTO for the three K-8 schools and is on the school district’s Wellness Committee. When she’s not helping out at the schools or working with fellow Search Committee members, she is walking her pup on a nearby trail, reading, puttering around on the French horn, or taking up archery. She looks forward to continuing to work with the Search Committee to successfully place a minister at First Universalist.

Dal Holtrop

Dal was born in Brazil and has been living in North America and Europe for more than 25 years. She is in a cross-cultural marriage of more than 20 years and has two teenage daughters. She works as a psychotherapist, coach, presenter, and consultant. Dal also has experience as a teacher and performing artist and lately is exploring writing. Dal came to this church about three years ago and has been a member since. She takes her participation on the search committee with honor and hopes that she can be of service in this process of finding a new minister.

Dorothy McAloney

Dorothy was brought up at First Universalist. She attended Sunday School and later on worked on the “bean suppers” for many years while in high school and as an adult. Dorothy has co-chaired the Clam Festival for the church as well as the Holiday Fair and organize the Hannaford store gift card program. Dorothy married her husband, Ed, at First Universalist in 1985. Ed and Dorothy live in North Yarmouth with their two cats. Dorothy enjoys knitting, reading, and especially quilting. For Dorothy, First Universalist is home.

Jamie Brookes

Jamie is originally from Michigan and Ohio and has lived in Yarmouth for many years. He feels blessed to have two wonderful daughters. Jamie’s family always came to Maine in the summer, early on to visit his grandparents at what is now their family summer cottage. He later learned that my grandparents were very active in the Unitarian Church in Attleboro, MA. Jamie’s father was raised Episcopalian. Though not brought up particularly religious, Jamie’s family seems always to have exemplified lives of integrity, compassion, respect and love, with intellectual curiosity about faith and God. In 2015, Jamie and his daughters chose our church for my wife’s memorial service and felt it was just right. He stayed on to eventually become a member. Jamie is the manager of a small sales office for an overseas wood products manufacturer; his office is just a few doors down from the church. Jamie values our community here in Yarmouth and in our Church very much and is pleased to be a part of the search committee for our next minister.

Steve Thomas

Although Steve is a UU by choice, he was an (Episcopal) Minister’s kid by birth. Church life is central to him and he has been a 30 year plus active member of First U. In his work life, he is a licensed clinical social worker with a specialty in working with victims and perpetrators of sexual offenses. Steve is also a Maine guide, sport fishing boat captain, and avid photographer. He and his wife, Nancy Dix, live in Cumberland and are the parents of two adult children, Michael and Emily. Steve is excited to be on the Search Committee and to help First U find its next settled minister.