February 11, 2019

Dear Friends and Members,

The First Universalist Church of Yarmouth currently has an Interim Minister, the Rev. Frieda Gillespie, who is with us for two years to help us heal from past divisions and conflicts, and prepare us to search for and call a permanent settled minister.

While we are welcoming new members and building exciting new programs, we are also working to understand our recent past. We are committed to being transparent, creating accountability, strengthening church members’ voices, and becoming a healthy positive congregation.

We respect each person’s perspective and value your participation in our community. We want to be open about the church you belong to, used to belong to, or are now considering.

We hope you will stick around and see how we develop. We will post more information about the Transition and Search process below as it becomes available. Please reach out to any member of the Board or Transition Team for a conversation.

The Board of Trustees & Transition Team

Joanna Landsman, President
Lily O’Brien, Vice President. Marge Titcomb, Treasurer. Sarah Witte, Clerk.
At large members: Jen Civiello, Annie Cook, Joe Dreher, Meghan Anderson Nathanson.

Transition Team:
Nancy Read, Nancy Austin, Steve Thomas, Karen Carlisle