All life is part of an interconnected web. It is our responsibility and honor to care for the environment and promote sustainability.

Our Native Gardens

pollinators at First UOur beautiful Peace Garden and plantings are inspired by permaculture practices and are composed of perennial, native plants that are beneficial to pollinators and pleasant for people. In Spring and Fall, some of our nature enthusiasts, green thumbs, and flower admirers spend a few hours together tidying, weeding, and pruning the gardens. Announcements for the next Garden TLC Morning are published in Channels for those who wish to join in.

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Fairtrade Coffee

Placeholder ImageFairtrade coffee is brewed during Coffee Hour and is for sale in the Gathering Room after worship services or by contacting the church office so you can wake up in the morning and drink your values of environmental sustainability and economic justice.

Discussions & Events

newest wildlife ambassadorFirst Universalist often partners with other non-profit organizations to raise awareness around environmental justice concerns, often hosting speakers during worship or other events to provide education for congregants and the community. To find out about our upcoming discussions or events, please register for our e-newsletter, Channels.


recyclingFirst Universalist is committed to reducing our footprint by using our resources wisely, reusing materials when able, recycling or composting waste, and educating our children and youth on how to be good stewards of our earth.