Our partnership with the small, Transylvanian Unitarian village, the town of Gyepes, Romania, is engaging and enriching. They are our friends and co-religionists, and we have formed a strong bond with them over the 20+ years of our relationship. Expanding our connection to our Unitarian roots, we partner with Unitarian Kaláka, dedicated to empowering village life throughout Transylvania through crowdfunding initiatives.

Unitarian Kaláka

In the rural villages of Transylvania, small family farms struggle as young people leave in search of work. Hope comes in the form of volunteer efforts to revitalize folk traditions, renovate community spaces–and re-engage the next generation. This kind of volunteer effort is known as a “kaláka.” The mission of Unitarian Kaláka is to support these projects through crowdfunding–in order to help strengthen community life and culture.

Learn more about Unitarian Kaláka by watching the video below or visiting the Unitarian Kaláka website.

November Partner Church Sunday & The Partner Church Committee

Our Partner Church Committee works to maintain a close relationship with our partners in Gyepes. We want everyone at First U to feel part of this amazing opportunity! We invite you to sponsor the education of a child or teen in Gyepes, to help us create amazing handicrafts as part of our cooperative Sewing Circle, and to attend Partner Church Sunday held annually in November.

Pilgrimage/Mission Trips to Transylvania

Join us on a life-transforming journey to Transylvania, where we engage in cultural exchange, work with our partners, and offer summer camp sessions for children and youth. Both our senior youth group and adult members have made pilgrimages to Romania. If you can’t attend, you can still support our senior youth group in attending (usually once every three years, with the last partnership visit in 2016).

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