The Path to Membership

Congregation Connections is organizing a 3-step process to invite all seekers and friends into membership at First Universalist. If membership calls to you, or you have questions about this faith and our community, you are warmly welcomed to attend. Of course you always have the option of exploring and discussing your spiritual journey with Rev. Frieda, solo style. May a way be found, and the courage to take it step by step! 

STEP 1. What is Unitarian-Universalism?  
Monday, December 2nd | 6:30-9 pm | Gathering Room. UU History and Theology, including the merging of Unitarianism and Universalism. Understanding our Seven Principles and Six Sources, plus our focus on social justice. Childcare provided. Hosted by Congregation Connections and Interim Minister Rev. Frieda.

STEP 2. What is First Universalist Church?
Monday, December 16th | 6:30-9:00 pm | Gathering Room
. We will share our own stories. What brings us together here? Why become a member? (Besides being able to vote when we have a new ministerial candidate?!) How do we belong and how does First Universalist belong to us? Childcare provided. Hosted by the Board of Trustees and Congregation Connections.

Sunday, February 2nd  | 10 am | Common Room
. Come at 10 am for coffee, treats and book signing before worship. Worship service that morning includes words of welcome and commitment, spoken in unison by congregation and new members. We welcome, celebrate and thank you!

For more information, please contact the church office.


During those first few connections you have with our church, perhaps at an event, a worship service, on Facebook, or by browsing our website, you are a seeker – that you are searching for spirituality, meaning, connection, hope. We, in turn, seek to welcome you: your whole self, with all your truths and your doubts, your worries and your dreams.



As a friend of First Universalist Church of Yarmouth who has begun attending services, programs, or events regularly, you are welcome to participate in the worship life and community of our church. We look forward to seeing you at Sunday morning worship service, welcome your children and youth into our programs, and hope you will consider participating in our adult discussion and education groups, fundraisers, and social justice opportunities. Most of our friends contribute financially to the church in order to support the continuation of our worship services and programs.



When you join in membership, you will be part of this vital, liberating institution that stands for the worth and dignity of all people, the health of our planet, and the conscious care of our neighbors. You will be declaring your commitment to standing on the side of love, creating peace, and welcoming all. You will belong to a greater spiritual movement of creators who bring about positive change in our world. Our community will be enriched by your fellowship.

Members also enjoy the following:
– Having your voice heard as you influence and shape our church life by utilizing your right to vote in the Annual Meeting at our church held every June.
– The invitation to sit down with our Minister to discuss your needs, challenges, gifts, and joys as they pertain to your spiritual life. This includes pastoral counseling in regards to life transitions.
– Leadership and growth opportunities as chairs of committees or joining the Board of Trustees.
– Acknowledgment and a welcome gift at our Member Recognition Service held in May.
– A subscription to UU World magazine, the national journal of our Unitarian Universalist Association.
– Reduced rates for holding your wedding ceremony at First Universalist and free of charge memorial services.

Members join our community in covenant and agree to:
– Affirm the values of Unitarian Universalism as described in the Seven Principles.
– Give of their time, talent, and treasure in support of our Beloved Community.
– Participate in the nurturing of our fellowship through compassion, openness, imagination, and generosity.

Membership eligibility:
– All persons 16 years or older are eligible for membership.
– While we adhere to no religious creed, it is important that our members have a basic understanding of what it means to affirm and promote our Principles and Purposes. This covenant is how we agree to behave together in joyful community.
– Members agree to receive the gifts of a spiritual community and to give, in the ways that they are able, of their time, talent, and treasure.