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Our Annual Campaign: Love at the Center

With everyone’s voice and everyone’s support, we live our mission in beautiful and moving ways:

  • We EXPLORE our Faith in Beloved Community with lifelong learning such as Our Whole Lives (OWL), and adapting with courage
  • We EMBRACE our Community, providing safe space to share our deepest sorrows and boundless joys as we embrace all of life
  • We ENGAGE with our World, offering love with justice, and proclaiming liberal faith through our UU Principles

The ‘Fair Share Giving’ chart below offers suggestions to guide Giving for common situations – your situation may not fit the chart, and that’s ok! We invite each member and friend to give an amount appropriate for your situation that expresses your personal hope, personal vision, and personal commitment to be part of the greater good we create together.

You may submit your intention in the form below the Giving guide.

For more information about our Annual Campaign, see the Frequently Asked Questions Guide.

Please note that your commitment to the annual campaign is confidential and not shared with other members or friends. 

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Fair Share Table 2023

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Your financial contribution to First Universalist’s Annual Campaign supports:

  • Weekly worship services that renew our spirits with music that moves and inspires us
  • Pastoral care and a supportive community in times of life transitions
  • Education for children, teens, and adults on living justly and compassionately with and on our planet
  • Justice work in our community and the world – including support for refugees and asylum-seekers in Maine, the people of the Unitarian village, Gyepes, in Romania, and people experiencing homelessness
  • Groups, speakers, and events that can lead to spiritual and personal growth and enhance the ways that we know ourselves, one another, and the world
  • Sexuality education that is inclusive, justice-centered, accurate, and developmentally appropriate for children, teens, and adults
  • A beautiful space to worship and gather

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Your Confidential Commitment to First Universalist