First Universalist holds worship services at 10:30 am on Sundays, September – June.

Please join us in exploring a variety of spiritual practices, participating in ceremonies and traditions that ground us, sharing in music that moves us, experiencing sermons that encourage us to question, and coming together based on a belief that we must act together to support justice and peace in our world.


COMING OF AGE SERVICE with Coming of Age Participants and Sam Chandler, Music Director

This Mother’s Day Sunday we offer our very special and beloved Coming of Age Service. During the hour we will gather to hear our youth offer their credos – their statements of belief – and celebrate the spiritual journeys they are embarking upon. The virtual service will be followed by an in-person ceremony for our Coming of Age students on our church grounds at noon. All are welcome to join us for both the service and the ceremony!

A note: The Coming of Age service will be live this Sunday on Zoom. Though parts of it will be recorded for later viewing, it will not be recorded in its entirety. Please join us at 10:30am for the full service.

  • This week’s service is live on Zoom: Join and enter password: WORSHIP
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Worship Theme

Our worship theme for April is Becoming – and it is also about unbecoming, as Albert Schweitzer wrote: “The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are. Rather it is about unbecoming who you are not.” This becoming, and unbecoming, is a lifelong journey, a path we walk every day, over and over. When we take this journey of becoming and unbecoming together, it may mean helping each other to hold steady and persevere or it may mean helping each other to find and take the exit ramps.